Thursday, May 7, 2015


During April there were no burglaries reported to police, but there were two breaking and entering offences of businesses in Oxenford.  Two cars had their number plates stolen, which were later linked to other stolen cars.
If you want to hear the full details of crimes in our area, come to the meeting at the Oxenford Youth Centre on Tuesday 12 May at 7pm.
Break and enter premises
23/04/2015 Old Pacific Highway: Unknown offenders broke into the business by forcing a skylight.  The offenders have then forced a door into a storeroom and removed stock.
29/04/2015 Cottonwood Place: Unknown offenders broke into the victim business by breaking a hole in a wall.  The offenders have then cut open a safe and stole cash.
12/04/2015 Michigan Drive: Unknown offender/s has forced a gate to gain access to the rear yard of the occurrence address.  The offender has then towed away a Merban pop-top caravan from the rear yard.
Steal from motor vehicle
20/04/2015 Broxbourne Terrace: Unknown offender/s has entered the victim's Mercedes Benz sedan by unknown means and stolen cash and property from inside the vehicle.  The vehicle was parked in the victim's driveway.
Stealing of vehicle registration plates
7/04/2015 Cottonwood Place: Unknown offender/s stole both number plates from the victim's BMW wagon.  The stolen plates have since been used on a stolen BMW vehicle.
26/04/2015 Cottonwood Place: Unknown offender/s has removed the front number plate from the victim's Hyundai sedan, whilst it was parked at the Woolworths staff car park.
If you have any information in relation to any of these offences, call Coomera Police on 5519 5555 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.
Andrew Lake, Acting Inspector 6695, Operational Improvement Unit, Police Headquarters, Brisbane. (p) 3364 6045 (e)
These figures are not official Queensland Police Service statistics.  Official Queensland Police Service statistics are released only through the Information Resource Centre after available data is collected, classified and collated in accordance with nationally accepted rules.
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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Who's chatting to your kids?

​​The internet has brought the world to our children’s fingertips, providing access to vast resources of information and the opportunity to communicate with people from around the world.

Smart devices and social media have become part of our children’s lives and they have strongly influenced how our children create, share and exchange information with others.

Unfortunately these same devices and applications have been embraced by sex offenders, who have proven to be exceptionally skilled at using them to gain access to children.

As parents and caregivers it is imperative you have basic understanding of these technologies to enable you to guide, assist and supervise your children.

Children might not safeguard their personal details on the internet like they would in the real world. Therefore it is just as important to educate our children about ‘chatting’ to people online as it is meeting new people in the real world.

Qld Police has formulated resources to help you combat this - please visit 

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


The image is from the Australian War Memorial Collection (Image G00408) and depicts soldiers using a ‘periscope rifle’ and periscope sight in a trench at Gallipoli.
This Saturday is the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli, Turkey. On the 25th of April 1915, thousands of Australian and New Zealander soldiers went ashore at Gallipoli and through their bravery and resilience; the legend of the ANZAC soldier was born. Whilst ANZAC Day was originally commemorated to remember the ill-fated invasion, the day now remembers all military and peacekeeping operations conducted by Australian and New Zealand personnel.  As we remember the past a new ANZAC Corps is deploying in Iraq.
On ANZAC Day there will be a number of services held in our area. The dawn service is traditionally held to represent the landing time on Gallipoli to take advantage of the half-light and difficulty in clear sight.  The citizen’s parade allows returned service-people to march and local members of the community to join them in remembrance for those who didn't return to their home land.
In our local area, two Dawn Services will be held at the:
  •      Maudsland CWA hall on Maudsland Road.  Residents should gather at 5:15am as the service commences at 5:30am.  A ‘gun-fire’ breakfast will be served in the CWA hall afterwards.
  •      New cenotaph at the Helensvale Bowls Club, commencing at 5:10am.  A ‘gun-fire’ breakfast will be held at the bowls club afterwards.

Our local Citizens Parade and Service will be held at the cenotaph on Tamborine-Oxenford Road, Upper Coomera.  The march will assemble at the School of Arts Hall in Reserve Road at 8:30am and will commence at 9:00am.  The service will commence at the cenotaph at 9:30am and will be followed by a community BBQ at Siganto Park.
This ANZAC Day, please remember the fallen and thank a digger.

Senior Sergeant Andrew LAKE
Oxenford NHW Police Liaison Officer

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Crime statistics for Gold Coast and Qld

DID YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN VIEW...the latest QPS Crime Statistics via the dynamic, user controlled QPS Crime Map.

Here is the link:

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Victim Assist Queensland

Through Victim Assist Queensland, victims of crime have fast and easy  access to support services for victims of crime and the financial assistance they need through the Queensland Government's Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Victim Assist Queensland provides a range of services to victims of crime throughout the State, including financial assistance, information and referrals to support services around Queensland.
Support services information and referrals
  • Victims LinkUp (1300 546 587) is a telephone service and website providing a central point of contact providing information and referrals to services (including counselling) for victims and their families.
  • Victims LinkUp can provide access to existing government and non-government support services in all areas of Queensland that are usually free of charge, including:
    • support for victims of domestic violence
    • support for victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault
    • court support for victims of crime
    • support for victims under 18
    • support for Indigenous victims of crime
    • support for relatives of homicide victims
    • legal support for victims
    • a range of other support services.
  • Interpreters will be available to assist people from non-English speaking backgrounds where necessary.  All Victim Assist staff have received cross-cultural competency training. Call 131 450 to arrange an interpreter service.
Financial assistance
  • Under Victim Assist Queensland, financial assistance is available for victims of crime for goods and services that will assist in their physical and psychological recovery from the crime.
  • Victims of crime will no longer need to go through the court system.  A victim is eligible to apply immediately and directly to Victim Assist Queensland for financial assistance if it can be proven that there was an act of violence that resulted in the injury (physical or psychological) or death of a person in Queensland.
  • The act of violence will need to have been reported to a medical practitioner and to the police (in most instances) for the victim to be eligible to apply for financial assistance.
For more information visit Department of Justice and Attorney-General at

Our next get together is Tues 12th May -  7pm at the Oxenford Youth Centre. You are very welcome to attend our busy, informative and friendly meetings. This is what you have to look  forward to: Update and local crime report by our Police Liaison Officer A. Sr Sgt Andrew Lake, update  by our State Member for Albert Mark Boothman MP and an update by Cr William Owen Jones (Div 2)

Every meeting is followed by a ‘meet and mingle’ and  free drinks and nibbles are provided. This  gives all those attending a chance to meet their neighbours and to meet and chat with  our Police Liaison Officer, our  local councillor, our State Member and our speakers  in a relaxed, informal setting.

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Friday, March 20, 2015


We currently have three block coordinator's positions vacant, with two in Coomera Rivage and one in the Forest Hills areas (see below).

If you could donate 2 hours of your time, 4 times a year to deliver newsletters and are willing to undergo a police criminal history check (completed by me), we would welcome you on board. There is no requirement to attend the quarterly meetings if you don't want to. We may do an additional drop-off of leaflets on very rare occasions.

Area 2 – Coomera Rivage (102 houses)

Area 3 – Coomera Rivage (106 houses)

Area 11 – Forest Hills (155 houses)
Andrew Lake, Senior Sergeant 6695, Operational Improvement, Police Headquarters, Brisbane. (p) 3364 6045 (e)
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Four offences were reported to Police during February, which is another good outcome for our area.  It should be noted that both burglaries occurred during the daytime, with the other offences at night.  It is important to make sure your house is always locked when you go out. 
If you don’t have window locks, I would recommend them, as you can then lock your windows slightly open to let a breeze still come through the house.  If you can afford proper keyed window locks, Bunnings sell the “old-style” screw-on window locks for about $4.00 each.  Failing that, the old dowel in the window track will stop many crooks.
There have been a number of Telstra/Bigpond/Microsoft computer scams occurring lately.  Telstra, Bigpond or Microsoft (or any other similar business) will never call you to advise you of a problem with your computer.  I have also received reports of callers threatening to disconnect your internet if you refuse them access to your computer.  If you receive such a call, hang up immediately.  Do not provide access to your computer or give your credit card details to the person.  If you are unsure whether the call is genuine, hang up and call the business back using the phone number from the Yellow Pages phone book, website or your account statement.
07/02/2015 Silky Oak Court: Unknown person has entered the victim’s unit by an unlocked sliding glass door and stolen envelopes containing cash from the kitchen bench.
11/02/2015 Ruth Terrace: Unknown person/s has entered the victim’s house by forcing open the ensuite window and stolen cash and a mobile phone.
Attempted break and enter premises
11/02/2015 Cottonwood Place: Unknown male person has removed two CCTV cameras from the rear of the business & attempted to force the rear door of the business.  Nil entry gained.
Steal from motor vehicle
12/02/2015 Riversdale Road: Unknown offender has gained entry to the victim’s Holden sedan by unknown means and stolen a cordless drill kit.  The vehicle was parked in the victim’s driveway.
If you have any information in relation to any of these offences, call Coomera Police on 5519 5555 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.
Andrew Lake, Senior Sergeant 6695, Operational Improvement, Police Headquarters, Brisbane.  (p) 3364 6045 (e) .

These figures are not official Queensland Police Service statistics.  Official Queensland Police Service statistics are released only through the Information Resource Centre after available data is collected, classified and collated in accordance with nationally accepted rules.
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