Tuesday, June 19, 2018


You would undoubtedly be aware of the congestion of the 'Exit 57' M1 overpass, which regularly causes Heathwood Drive/Tamborine-Oxenford Road/Old Pacific Highway to be blocked, especially for cars coming south on Hetahwood Drive (outside the Oxenford Tavern). As previously indicated by the Member for Theodore, Exit 57 is handling daily traffic loads in excess of it's designed capacity.

I have been in contact with our local elected members, local police and the Department of Transport and Main Roads, and hopefully a resolution may be in sight.  Within the next 4-6 weeks, additional signage will be erected at the intersection, reminding traffic that it is an offence to block the intersection. Coomera Road Policing Unit have been requested to perform mobile enforcement activities when they are available.

In addition, the Department of Transport and Main Rads are planning a $25 Million upgrade of the intersection, which will hopefully resolve some of the problems. Further information is here.

Senior Sergeant Andrew Lake 6695
Innovation Unit, Brisbane

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Saturday, June 16, 2018


There are many things – both large and small – that you can do to make your home safer. Here are just a few:

Get an Alarm System
Burglary, Crime, Theft, Criminal, Fear, Threatening90% of convicted burglars state that they want to avoid homes with an alarm system and if they encounter an alarm, they would leave. Other statistics show that 74% of uncompleted burglaries are thanks to an audible alarm.

Add a Security Sign
If you aren’t in the market for a full blown security system, a security sign might be the next best thing. Burglars are looking for easy targets and the threat of a security system may be enough to detour them. Be sure to use a legitimate sign, they won’t be fooled by a phony or home printed sign.

Turn Old Cell Phones into Security Cameras
There are lots of free apps that can turn your old phones and tablets into security cameras. A popular one is Camio.

Got a Lock? Use It.
Around 30% of burglaries are no forced entry. Do you know what that means? That means that someone left the door open! It may seem simple but you have to actually do it for it to work. Locking your doors and your windows will definitely improve your home’s security.

Man, Silhouette, Art, Bokeh, Blur, MysticalSecure Sliding Doors
A sliding glass door will take more than a lock as by nature they aren’t overly secure. You can secure a sliding glass door from sliding vertically by using a metal or wood rod to reinforce the door.

Add a Peephole to your Door
Most police departments suggest the addition of a peephole. It’s a $20 piece of home security gold. A good peephole will provide a wide-angle view at your future guests so that you can decide to let them in…or not.

Install a Deadbolt
A deadbolt can help secure your home. Install a single cylinder deadbolt on all exterior doors. It is recommended that bolts have at least a 1” throw.

Light Up the Dark
Light up your surroundings with motion lights to scare away intruders. Make sure all exterior areas of your home that could be used as a point of entry are well-lit.

Shut the  Garage Door
Next to a door, the garage is the second most common point of entry for a burglar. Simply keeping the door shut while mowing, playing outside, or even running in to grab a forgotten item can greatly improve your home’s security.

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Saturday, June 2, 2018


To counter hooning, Queensland Police Service set up a dedicated Hoon Hotline back in December 2010.

Hooning activities include, but are not limited to,
  • · Illegal street racing
  • · Travelling at high speeds
  • · Burnout offences
  • · Playing loud music from car stereos
  • · Speed boat hooning
  • · Drink driving
You can therefore report hoons online at www.police.qld.gov.au/apps/reports/hoon or by calling the Hoon Hotline on 13HOON (13 4666). If possible you should tell the operator: 

  • what the vehicle is and looks like 
  • what hooning activity the vehicle was doing 
  • the registration plates 
  • the date, time and where the vehicle was
This will help the police identify and stop the hoon.

​​​Queensland laws are putting the brakes on hoons and other reckless driving offences. Designed to improve road safety and to stop repeat offenders, if you drive within the law, you won’t be affected. However, if you go too far, you can lose your car.

If your car is impounded or immobilised, you will need to apply in writing to the Commissioner of Police for early release if: 
  • there is severe hardship – financial or physical 
  • the offence happened without your consent 
  • the Type 2 offence has been rectified (unlicensed and unregistered only) 
  • the grounds for impoundment or immobilisation were unreasonable
The Commissioner of Police must, if reasonably practicable, make a determination on the early release application within five business days of receiving it. Should the owner or usual driver disagree with the Commissioner’s decision, the decision is appealable to a Magistrates Court.

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Friday, May 4, 2018

Next Get-together of Oxenford Neighbourhood Watch 8th May 7pm

Oxenford Neighbourhood Watch’s  next  get-together  takes place on May 8th at  7pm at the Oxenford & Coomera Youth & Community Centre. Following this meeting, our remaining dates for 2018 are : August 14th (our AGM), Nov 20th  and  Tues Dec 11th it is our Christmas Party. 

Meeting times are always 7pm and the venue is always the Youth Centre. You are very welcome to attend - there is no need to RSVP  – just turn up. 

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Friday, April 27, 2018


We love our sponsors Subway at Pacific Pines and Oxenford. Please support their special deal - two Subway Footlong Subs for $16 after 5pm!

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Thursday, April 26, 2018


L to R: Marie-Theres, Dominique and Ursula
Sadly on 24th April - in the early hours of the morning - our dear friend and committee member Marie-Theres  passed away.

We are very thankful for Marie-Theres’s friendship and for her contribution
to our Watch.

Marie-Theres’s role on the committee was to manage the newsletter advertisers and the renewal of their ads. 

We shall keep her in our best memories which involve laughter, our kitchen table meetings and chilled white wine.

A donation to the Cancer Council has been made in Marie-Theres’s name.

Ave atque vale Marie-Theres.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2018


Motor vehicle theft has decreased by 2 per cent in Australia in the 12 months to September 2017, largely driven by a 7 per cent fall in short term heavy/other vehicle theft. The nation’s total theft is down 10 per cent compared to five years ago.

The https://carsafe.com.au/ website is an initiative of Australian governments and the insurance industry. Its mission is to deliver a culture of continuous and sustainable vehicle theft reduction in Australia by advancing reform and cooperation between industry, government and community stakeholders.

At this website you can search for a locality (Oxenford for example) and you can view a local motor vehicle theft profile.

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