Sunday, April 15, 2018


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Pic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
Many congratulations to our local resident Michael Shelley for winning Gold in the 2018 Commonwealth Games marathon today!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


There are many campaigns and articles regarding drinking and driving –  but  driving while under the influence of drugs is – of course  - dangerous because it  affects your driving ability too —increasing your risk of having a crash.
Thermometer, Headache, Pain, Pills, Medication, Tablets Therefore, just like random breath tests for alcohol, you can be pulled over by Queensland police officers for a random roadside saliva test to detect any presence of relevant drugs. The tests can be carried out at random breath testing sites and at targeted drug test sites. You can also be pulled over and tested by a police officer if they suspect that you are driving under the influence of drugs.
Drugs can affect your driving by causing:
  • ·         reduced ability to judge distance and speed
  • ·         distorted perception of time, place and space
  • ·         reduced coordination and concentration
  • ·         hyperactivity
  • ·         aggressiveness
  • ·         paranoia
  • ·         hallucinations
  • ·         blurred vision
  • ·         convulsions
  • ·         dizziness and fainting
  • ·         fatigue
  • ·         memory loss
  • ·         nausea
  • ·         tremors
  • ·         unpredictable moods/behaviours
  • ·         unconsciousness
  • ·         muscle weakness.

Relevant drugs that are tested
Marijuana, Cannabis, Hash, Leaf, Flora, PotAs stated above, Queensland police officers can ask you to provide a saliva sample at a roadside drug test to detect the presence of the following substances, known as relevant drugs:
  • ·         Methylamphetamine—also known as speed and ice
  • ·         MDMA—the active ingredient in ecstasy
  • ·         THC—the active ingredient in cannabis

There will be zero tolerance. Any trace of the nominated drugs in your system and you can be penalised. A first offence carries a penalty of up to $1 706 and you could be disqualified from driving for up to 3 months. Any subsequent offences can carry higher penalties and driver licence suspensions prior to appearances in court.
 For confidential help and/or information contact the Alcohol and Drug Information Service on (07) 3837 5989 (all hours) or 1800177 833 (toll free).

Oxenford Neighbourhood Watch’s  next  get-together  takes place on May 8th at  7pm at the Oxenford & Coomera Youth & Community Centre. Following this meeting, our remaining dates for 2018 are : August 14th (our AGM), Nov 20th  and  Tues Dec 11th it is our Christmas Party. Meeting times are always 7pm and the venue is always the Youth Centre. You are very welcome to attend - there is no need to RSVP  – just turn up. 

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


During March six crimes were reported to police, all of which had required force to commit (no open doors etc.).
Of interest, a computer (which looked like a tv) was stolen from the burglary, raising the victim’s concern regarding security of their information. With computers invading our modern world more greatly each month, especially with banking, it may be worthwhile setting up a password so you need to log into the system. And, DON’T use ‘password’ or ‘12345’ etc.! Secondly, ensure you back up your computer to a separate hard-drive on a regular basis.
20/03/2018 Riversdale Road: Unknown offender/s has gained entry to the victim's house by squeezing through a pet flap. The offender/s have searched the house and stolen electrical items and jewellery.
Break and enter premises
13/03/2018 Old Pacific Highway: Unknown offender/s has gained entry to the business by breaking a glass panel in the shopfront. Messy search conducted, nothing stolen.
19/03/2018 Riversdale Road: Unknown offender has gained entry to the child care centre by jemmying a side door. It appears that no property has been taken.
Theft of motor vehicle
10/03/2018 Ruth Terrace: Unknown offender/s has entered the victims Ford utility by breaking a window whilst it was parked on the grass at the offence address. The offender/s has removed the vehicle by unknown means.
Wilful damage
18/03/2018 Global Plaza: SOLVED: Male offender has attended the Aldi supermarket and damaged the glass doors in the entry area of the store. The offender was arrested after causing a further disturbance at the Bunnings Warehouse.
24/03/2018 Leo Graham Way: Unknown offender/s have kicked and forced the roller doors off their track at a shed at the Oxenford Youth and Community Centre.
If you have any information in relation to any of these offences, call Coomera Police on 5519 5555 or Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.
Andrew Lake, Senior Sergeant 6695, Innovation Unit, Police Headquarters, Brisbane.  (p) 3364 4816 (e) .
These figures are not official Queensland Police Service statistics.  Official Queensland Police Service statistics are released only through the Information Resource Centre after available data is collected, classified and collated in accordance with nationally accepted rules.
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Monday, March 19, 2018


With the Commonwealth Games rapidly approaching, two major pieces of State legislation have commenced, namely the Major Events Act 2014 and Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000.

Over the period 19/03/18-08/05/18, part of Damian Leeding Memorial Park is now a Major Event Area and additional powers under ss. 18-20, 23-28 of the Major Event Act apply, meaning that entry can be restricted, people entering can be searched along with their possessions and vehicles prohibited.

New Chapter 19A: ‘Additional powers for Commonwealth Games’ of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000 creates Protective Security Zones, which surround many Major Event Areas. The Protective Security Zones are active over various periods (see Schedule 1A: ‘Protective Security Zones’ of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Regulation 2012) and are shown in Schedule 1B: ‘Maps of protective security zones’ of the Regulation.

Police will have additional powers within the Protective Security Zones, in short:
  • s. 619J Power to search persons – power to stop, detain & search a person or article in their possession entering or in a protective security zone
  • s. 619K Power to stop, detain and search vehicles – power includes the ability to search anything in the vehicle entering or in a protective security zone or require the vehicle to be moved to another place for searching.
  • s. 619L Power to enter and search premises – other than the part of a premises which is a residence – exemption for exceptional circumstances
  • s. 619M Use of firearms and explosives detection dogs - power to search a person, premise or thing entering or in a protective security zone.
  • s. 619P Power to give direction – Power to give a direction to person(s) entering or in a protective security zone (including in a vehicle) to move to a stated place or leave the protective security zone.
(see Chapter 19A: ‘Additional powers for Commonwealth Games’ of the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act 2000) These additional powers end on 22/04/2018.

If attending any of the sporting events or entering a Major Event Area, expect to be searched by an authorised person (security guard). I would recommend that you don’t take large backpacks or bulky items to events.

The Games Road Network and Games Lanes will come into effect shortly, which will restrict many roads on the Gold Coast. It is an offence to drive in a Games Lane without authorisation and the Road Policing Command have been tasked to keep them clear.

As in the classic saying, ‘Keep calm and carry on’ please make the best of the games and remember that there will be congestion on both the roads and public transport.

Andrew Lake
Senior Sergeant 6695
Oxenford NHW Liaison Officer
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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Burglary Prevention Checklist

Burglary Prevention Checklist
Lock Up Tick
Lock all windows and doors, even when you're at home. Unlocked side and rear doors and windows are the most common entry points for burglars 

Install deadlocks on all external doors and windows – remember to disengage deadlocks when you are inside to allow easy escape in the event of a fire 

Install a security screen door

Lock your mailbox to prevent the theft of mail and personal documents

Keep garden tools and ladders locked away. Your tools may be used by thieves during a burglary to gain entry to your home. Keep garages and sheds locked.
Other Actions
Get to know your neighbours. They may recognise unusual activity when you’re out
Bring in your bins and collect mail regularly so your home looks lived in. Ask a neighbour to bring your bin in if you are away for a while.

Make sure your house is visible from the street so passersby and neighbours can detect suspicious activity.

Cut overhanging branches and trim shrubs back from your house to make it harder for burglars to hide

Place packaging from newly purchased expensive items in the recycling bin – leaving boxes on the nature strip lets burglars know what you have inside.

Consider having a dog  and install sensor lighting

Install a monitored alarm system

Check the details of any salesperson or workman that comes to your door. Report any suspicious activity to your local police.

Consider installing a safe to store valuables.

Backup computer hard drives.

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch and be an active part of crime prevention in your community!

 Thanks to Victoria Police for this info

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Adverising in our newsletter

A rare opportunity to advertise in the Oxenford Neighbourhood Watch quarterly newsletter has become available.

Distributed to 2,000 local homes, the newsletter is printed on A3 and in glorious technicolour by William Owen-Jones Division 2, Gold Coast.

We already have a yoga teacher, a realtor, pool fencing, Bendigo Bank, the local SPAR Express Oxenford and All Coast Garage Doors.

If you have any other type of business and would like to advertise - it is only $50 x year (4 issues) - please email - first in - best dressed. Thank you.

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Saturday, February 10, 2018


Wondering how to join Queensland Police ?

The Queensland Police Service holds regular recruiting events throughout the year for people who want to become Queensland police officers.  

At these events, information is provided in relation to the current entry process and requirements for the Queensland Police Service.

ALL people (including family and friends) attending a Police Recruiting seminar: 
  • must have booked their place for that seminar via the QPS Eventbrite webpage;
  • must arrive 20 minutes prior to the seminar to allow security
    checks to be conducted;
  • must bring photo identification to access the seminar;
  • must ensure that if a booked seminar cannot be attended, that the ticket is cancelled prior to the event on their Eventbrite account.

Entry will not be permitted after commencement of the seminar. 

Please note: QPS is a family friendly organisation, however facilities are not available for children aged under 12 years.

Please also note: Ticket bookings for morning events close 6pm on the previous day, and ticket bookings for evening events close at 12pm on the day of the event. In order to ensure your seat, please book ahead of these deadlines.

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